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Miachel Breton Photography – Nudnik Foods Feast!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

nudnik foods – san francisco catering

As my blog has evolved, I love to share more and more photoshoots outside of the kitchen – or rather, outside of my own kitchen. This awesome shoot in particular unfolded in San Francisco several months ago with Dena, the super talented chef of Nudnik Foods.

After several conversations about what she wanted for her branding, I narrowed down the objective for the photographs: showcase her strong Jewish heritage with her modern, whimsical side. While Dena blends heritage flavors with her own twist, she also creates a complementary aesthetic. I’ve never seen so many edible flowers before, but I loved how she went full force with the girly garnishes.

Miachel Breton Photography – Nudnik Foods Feast!

Miachel Breton Photography – Nudnik Foods Feast!

Miachel Breton Photography – Nudnik Foods Feast!

I also loved capturing a few portraits to pair with the food photography. After testing several shots in the living room and kitchen, we found that her backyard provided a clean, bright backdrop that I really dug.

Miachel Breton Photography – Nudnik Foods Feast

Miachel Breton Photography – Nudnik Foods Feast

And here is my favorite photo from the day: an aerial view of appetizers, small bites, and good wine. I’m always game to photograph aerial dishes, and this was a particularly fun aesthetic to create. The first few images were minimal and clean with all the food intact; then I messed up every bowl and tore chunks from the bread – and the meal really came alive. To me this image invites the viewer to sit down, take a sip of wine, and dig into the feast.

Miachel Breton Photography – Nudnik Foods Feast!

I had a great time putting the photos together, and I’m excited to share upcoming shoots too.

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Daytrip to Beacon and Dia:Beacon

Monday, July 13, 2015

día de dia – daytrip to beacon, new york and dia:beacon

One of the best things of being back in this city is refreshed curiosity. Excited and captivated by all the opportunities to learn and think, I appreciate New York City even more than when I first moved here four years ago.

Inspired by the access to creative thinking, Hoyd, Bejay, Jenny, and I drove up to Beacon, New York to see the modern art museum Dia:Beacon. The huge, light-filled space filled me with awe and served as the perfect housing for the thoughtful pieces inside.

beacon_1Daytrip to Beacon and Dia:Beacon (more…)

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Fava Bean Hummus! :)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

fava bean hummus

Oh, the labor of love of fava beans. Instead of a pot of lentils boiling away in the background, these beans require manual TLC. So put on your sweatpants, some sweet tunes, and chill out on the couch while you shell these suckers.

Fava Bean Hummus! :)Fava Bean Hummus! :) Fava Bean Hummus! :)

I’m being a bit fussy about the work involved, but once you get in the flow of shelling, it’s pretty darn fun. There’s a meditative quality to just working with your hands – all the colors, textures, and snaps of the beans fade into focus. Especially when my work requires me to be on my feet all day, sitting and shelling are a welcome retreat.


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Miachel Breton Photography – Creative Brief

Saturday, April 18, 2015

new photography – flavio carvalho + caravela

Shooting objects is hard. Food comes easily to me – I can share the taste, story, heritage, ingredients in a single shot. The love that goes into harvesting the ingredients and preparing the meal comes out in the photograph. But how about objects?

Here, I redirect story-telling toward creating a welcoming, interesting, but not-too-engaging environment for each piece. The client’s design should be the highlight, but it should also nestle comfortably in the midst of other objects. (more…)

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