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spiced curiosity | chickpea tahini coleslaw – vegan & gluten-free
Summer Chickpea Tahini Coleslaw – Spiced Curiosity #vegan #glutenfree

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

chickpea tahini coleslaw – the balanced platter & brooklyn rooftop evening

The thing I love most about summer in the city are the random rooftop parties. Sometimes they’re huge and well-catered, and other times intimate and spontaneous. My favorite leans toward the latter.

The other weekend I had the great pleasure to hang out with Elyse from Brooklyn Soup Club. After helping shoot some cooking videos, she treated me to the most fantastic veggie meal I’ve had in a while (including yours, Mom, sorry).

rooftop dinner

Chef Elyse Bekins

skyline sunset

The plates ranged from rich, just-made ricotta on crusty bread to a homegrown, leafy salad. In the forefront of flavor was the chickpea quinoa salad with tahini dressing. After the second (or fourth?!) helping of this savory treat, I realized I needed to make this at home.

Chickpea Tahini Coleslaw – Spiced Curiosity #vegan #glutenfree

I loved the simplicity with which Elyse brought the elements together. So while I wish I’d been paying more attention in the kitchen, I think I got most of this delicious and simple recipe right. Check out the Chickpea Tahini Coleslaw here on The Balanced Platter, and stick around for amazing recipes by other fun cooks.

I shared this post with Waste Not Want Not Wednesday and Tasty Traditions.

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