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spiced curiosity | healthy, vegetarian recipes in san francisco
Citrus Beet Salad – Spiced Curiosity #vegan

Sunday, March 16, 2014

blood orange beet salad – mad mondays nyc

March Madness indeedy! There have been awesome food events every night of the week, not to mention a new client’s photoshoot (yaya!). Who could sit still? My favorite event so far is MAD Mondays NYC, an intimate panel of renowned chefs like Gabrielle Hamilton, Mario Batali, Bill Buford, Peter Meehan, Riad Nasr, and Lee Hanson.

MAD Mondays NYC – Mario Batali

It was conversational and really fun. I had no idea that Batali had a penchant for hilarious jokes and ribbing, that Hamilton preferred instinct over kitchen tools, or that Nasr was so humble about Balthazar. Aside from the insights into their personalities, it was fascinating to hear about the inside of restaurants and the issues presented to chefs. I could’ve listened for hours, but the short and sweet sample was still amazing (especially on a Monday night). If you’re curious about the event, check out the first link (for the full audio) or read Eater’s great recap here.

MAD Mondays NYC – Meehan & Nasr

Needless to say, it’s all inspiring and exciting for a simple home cook. Who could say that making anything in the kitchen is boring after hearing these aces speak? So I decided to spice up a traditional beet salad with some seasonal citrus.

Citrus Beet Salad – Spiced Curiosity #vegan


Cardamom French Toast with Balsamic Pears – Spiced Curiosity

Thursday, February 13, 2014

cardamom french toast with balsamic pears – valentine’s day breakfast

Hope y’all are staying warm in light of this crazy weather phase. Over here we got at least a foot of snow overnight…with more to come! While one of my friend’s loves to venture up to Cold Spring to play in deep, frozen water, my immediate reaction is to nestle underneath a heavy blanket with a good read. (Maybe build a snowman or two.)

Staying at home inevitably leads to cooking up experiments in the kitchen. And with Sweethearts & Singles Day close by, why not make it a lil’ romantic? While holed up with cookbooks and a hot kitchen, I start dreaming up a decadent breakfast in bed. After a few runs with overly fancy scrambled eggs and dried-out buttermilk biscuits, I’m excited to share Cardamom French Toast with Balsamic Pears.

Cardamom French Toast with Balsamic Pears – Spiced Curiosity


Poached Egg & Roasted Celeriac Sandwich with Kale Pesto – Spiced Curiosity #vegetarian

Monday, February 3, 2014

poached egg and celeriac sandwich with kale pesto – winter tricks

One of the things I love about winter is experimenting with what food it has to offer (note: due to Polar Vortex Part Deux, this is probably the only thing winter has going for it right now). Weird roots that survive the frost or fall veggies that survive well in storage tend to pop up in the kitchen. A particular “root” that’s “spiced” my curiosity (ha!) is celeriac.

Poached Egg & Roasted Celeriac Sandwich with Kale Pesto – Spiced Curiosity #vegetarian

Not a root you’d like to meet on a blind date, but it’s definitely a fair-or-foul-weather type of friend. This veggie has the bumpy exterior of a hormonal teen but a sweet, nutty inside with a taste of celery. Roast it, mash it, puree it, yum!

How to Prep Celery Root ("Celeriac") – Spiced Curiosity


Balsamic Black Eyed Pea Salad #vegan #vegetarian

Thursday, January 2, 2014

balsamic black-eyed pea salad — happy new year, and I’m engaged!

Got some exciting newsI’m engaged! My sweet darlin surprised me Christmas night at my parents’ home in Texas. I couldn’t have been happier to say “Yes, yes, yes!” The next day we said goodbye-for-now to my family and whirled off to Austin for a short engagement-moon. Now we’re back home, and the new year couldn’t feel brighter.


At the start of each year, I usually have a ridiculously long list of resolutions. But this year, I can’t help but bask in gratefulness and get pumped about what 2014 has in store (besides “Smart Snacks in School”). I’m planning a wedding with Hoyd, starting a pop-up dinner series, firing up a guide to the best eats in New York City, booking more photography opps, and cooking up new recipes for you. Pretty darn awesome!


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