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Holiday Hangover Cure!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

holiday hangover? homemade electrolyte drink & VROU

Hope y’all had a happy Thanksgiving. And to my international friends, hope your Thursday was swell. I savored the day with my boyfriend’s family over in New Jersey! The food was a surprise (interesting Dominican dishes), but everything else felt right at home (laughter and hugs).

I noticed that while everyone enjoyed the holiday, many friends didn’t have a great time the morning after. And with the mulled cider, eggnog, and coquito flowing, who can resist enjoying a holiday libation? So here’s another drink, but more on the healthful side.

I borrowed this recipe from Don’t Mess With Mama, and as she explains it, electrolytes are basically salts. When a person heavily exercises (sweats) or “expels fluid,” he or she loses these electrolytes. This juice is meant to be a replacement for Gatorade (which isn’t great for you anyway), and I think it’s tasty for just a nice juice in general. Whether you’re dehydrated from energizing or enjoying spirits, I highly recommend this flavorful, hydrating drink.

Natural Hangover Cure


Miso-Roasted Brussels Sprouts – healthy, vegan Thanksgiving sides!

Monday, November 25, 2013

miso-roasted brussels sprouts – vegan-friendly thanksgiving side

Lil‘ cabbages are not exactly what you’d think of first to bring to a Thanksgiving party. Whole vegetables in general are not usually welcomed with open arms during the holidays. But these miniature greens pack a punch of flavor for their size and kind, especially when roasted with salty miso, spicy ginger and garlic, and sweet maple syrup. Think of them as the Yoda of the Thanksgiving table: small, sassy, and awesome, not wrinkly, green, and bug-eyed.

Miso-Roasted Brussels Sprouts – healthy, vegan Thanksgiving sides!

Miso-Roasted Brussels Sprouts – healthy, vegan Thanksgiving sides!


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Sweet Potato Sage Gnocchi – Spiced Curiosity #vegetarian #meatlessmonday

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

sweet potato sage gnocchi

Though my Italian ancestors are choking on Prosecco at the thought, let me tell you that this combo of pillowy pasta and sweet roots is downright amazing. I was wary of messing with a traditional gnocchi recipe, but I wanted to finish the sweet potato recipe roundup with a bang. Thankfully the experiment turned out delicious, and even pretty nutritious.

In case you missed the previous posts, sweet potato is rich in Vitamin A carotenoids (note the rich orange flesh), Vitamin C, and manganese. Along with these benefits, the roots also have a lower glycemic index than regular potatoes (with which you traditionally make gnocchi). Russet potatoes taste great, but why not experiment with these nutrient-dense, toothsome beauties?

Sweet Potato Sage Gnocchi – Spiced Curiosity #vegetarian #meatlessmonday

Despite cooking with this blasphemous ingredient, I researched and tried to keep the dish as accurate as possible. I found out this crucial fact: gnocchi needs to be pillowy. Soft. Light. The opposite of its signature ingredient, potato. So to successfully transform dense roots into great pasta, here are a few tips to keep in mind.


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