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spiced curiosity | Photo Class – Trashhand X Skillshare
Skillshare Class, Trashhand & VSCO

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Photo Class – Trashhand X Skillshare

So, amongst rocking a part-time job at Bom Dia Market, setting up the next Seconds dinner, and adding new clients…I finished a photo course! The wizened photographer Trashhand hosted a free class with Visual Supply Company on street photography. I love using the camera as a tool to get to know a city on a deeper level, and soaking up the online lessons didn’t disappoint. The project ran on four skills: the “look up”, street portrait, motion, and night shot. Here are my photos I shot for the class.





The most memorable thing I learned is to be more cognizant of manmade lines when taking environmental shots. For the portrait photo I had the perfect angle lined up, then I realized the concrete divider in the foreground was way off center – subtly messing up the balance. Paying more attention to these details definitely upped the quality of the rest of my photos, too.

I highly recommend sipping up the course’s short videos in your free time, whether it’s at home before work or via your phone on the train. I’ve been super busy of late, but I loved learning online during “downtime.” Sometimes the best time to get things done are those in-between moments.

Along with enrolling in the class, I would love if you would take a peek at my project and send me your thoughts!

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